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I'm completely addicted to Funko Pop! Vinyl figures. I've been collecting since 2012 and own over 300 and counting! (Oh, I also have a wife
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When the ground-breaking superhero team-up, The Avengers, hit theaters, Funko Pops had just started taking off as the blockbuster toy line worldwide. Unfortunately, some of the earlier Pops weren't as "on point" as others.

The Funko Pop Avengers series is one of those that I feel kinda missed the mark.

The Review:

First of all, bobble-heads - yuck.

This Pop has promise, but it just doesn't quite hit the mark. I like the boots, they feel both whimsical and strong at the same time. The rest of the suit, however, is off. The colors seem muted, especially the cape, which is a vibrant red in the movie, but not so much on the pop.

The suit design is also off. The round bits feel too small. It just doesn't reflect the majesty of Thor's outfit, which is a letdown.

Thor's hammer is generic, but it gets the job done.

But now let's talk about the travesty of the hair. First of all, that hair is orange yellow, not Thor's dirty blonde. Secondly, it's parted in the middle like the nerds in high school used to do. Certainly not the heroic mane he flaunts on the big screen.

Overall, all the elements are there, but few have been executed well.

This is not the original Thor Pop. In fact, the first Thor Pop was the first Marvel Pop period, and it was for Thor's first movie. It featured Thor wearing his helmet and it was just truly ugly. So, in light of that, I guess this one is an improvement.

Rating: 4/10

Pros: All the elements are there. Nice boots. Hammer gets the job done.

Cons: None of the elements are perfect. Nerd hair. Muted colors. Bobble-heads = yuck.

Estimated Value: $28.00 (According to the Pop Price Guide.)


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