ByMichelle Siouty, writer at

Donald Trump is one of those guys who has a comment about everything. More times than not I just wish the guy would shut his mouth instead of vomiting anything and everything he has been thinking.

Sunday afternoon was no different when Trump turned to Twitter to comment on Ronda Rousey's loss to Holly Holm this past Saturday.

Just back in August, Trump was telling the world about how Ronda "likes him" and that he'd "take her on his side as a fighter." Which is all very hilarious, as Rousey had just voiced the month prior in July how she'd never vote for him.

Perhaps what was an attempt to win over some UFC fans, and maybe stick it to Rousey for her previous comments, Donald Trump's tweet only caused people to point out some major truths about the Presidential candidate himself.

So, when is Trump going to get in the ring himself and fight Ronda Rousey one-on-one?

Now that is a fight I'd truly be down to watch.

[Source: Uproxx]


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