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Ronda Rousey losing to Holly Holm was a shock to almost everyone in the sports community, mostly due to the fact that we all thought Ronda would win. Why? Because she's Rowdy Ronda Rousey! I mean, she was in the Entourage movie, she had a part in Furious 7, she was at that point undefeated, and she's almost undoubtedly the most marketable female athlete right now... or, she was.

I'm not saying this loss is going to hurt Ronda's career. But what I will say is that it will affect it negatively. I mean, the fact that she was thought of as far and away the best female fighter in the world makes her loss sting a bit more.

Before we dive into it, let me leave you with the video of the knockout. If you haven't seen it yet, you're in for a brutal treat. And if you have... you're also in for a treat. Well, the same treat from before, when you saw it the first time.

Here's what many important folks are saying, via social media, in support (and in some cases, not so much) of Rousey...

Ruby Rose was justifiably devastated

Here she was, sitting ringside at the match...

When you just watched your hero hit the floor... And your stomach hits it at the same time. @rondarousey

A photo posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on

Lady Gaga blasted Rousey for not touching gloves before the fight

Donald Trump, as always, weighed in with some nonsense

Part of me can't stand this dude, and the other part of me thinks this dude is the biggest troll of all time.

Miesha Tate, one of Ronda's rivals, had this little jab (pun definitely intended) for Ronda

Demi Lovato showed her support, saying she was still

Bella Thorne showed support for "her girl"

Nick Jonas dropped an incredibly simple reaction to the whole thing

Alex from Target came with a reaction that I think kind of mirrors everyone's thoughts on the whole thing

There were a few more, but I would call these the most impactful (pun intended again).

I really feel for Ronda. I mean, getting kicked in the face sucks. And it having this big of an impact on people sucks even more.

But don't forget, this is the same woman who did THIS:

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