ByJuliana Pelaez, writer at
When you look at a show you have to think what might happen in this. Will it be good?
Juliana Pelaez

Okay okay now where the heck is Glenn?

Since I missed that episode all I have been hearing is that, okay Glenn is dead what the hell the show just went downhill.. We need our pizza delivery guy back!

There has been theorists saying Glenn is dead and others, such as me, saying he is not! Why you may ask, is the reason of in this past episode we were seeing that Abraham now has a crush on Sasha, and Daryl is soon learning that it is hard to trust anyone out there in the world. In the ending of this, they get a radio response on the walkie talkie. Since walkie talkies can only go a certain distance it is impossible for Rick to be talking on there if they are still miles away from him. The only one who could be talking is Glenn or this other guy.

Remember this scene?

He was also surrounded by zombies, but guess what? He found a way out, including with Glenn's help. So my theory is that Glenn may be stuck somewhere and needs the others to go and save him. AGAIN!


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