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If you grew up in the mid-1980's watching cartoons you might remember a short-lived cartoon called Dragon's Lair. It was produced by animation studio Ruby- Spears, which pumped out such cartoon classics as Thundarr the Barbarian, Plastic Man, Fangface, and a popular Superman cartoon series.

Dragon's Lair was based on a popular video arcade game which came out in 1983. The game was unique in that it was not your typical pixelated game that was the norm for the period, but an actual animated video playing field. The game was developed by Cinematronics and featured animation by Don Bluth (Land Before Time, All Dogs Go to Heaven).

The Dragon's Lair arcade game utilized a laser disc rather than a typical computer processor to run the game, allowing for more data storage. This breakthrough allowed the game to utilize animation, giving the game player a more immersive environment to play in.

By 1984 Ruby-Spears developed a show based on the game, which aired on ABC from 1984 to 1985. As in the game, the show featured the adventures of a Medieval Knight, Dirk the Daring and his love, the beautiful Princess Daphne. In 2003 CrossGen Comics published a mini-series based on the animated show.

In October fans Dragon's Lair were shocked and delighted to learn that Don Bluth had launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to make an animated feature film.

Blush's goal is to raise $550,000, but so far they have only managed to raise $188,992, with only 9 days to go.

Some of the pledge rewards include:

Pledge $200 or more- *LIMITED 720 ANIMATION DRAWINGS* Get an original signed animation drawing by Don Bluth from Dragon’s Lair: The Movie final pitch presentation. (Reward also includes all "digital" tier rewards).

Pledge $5 or more - "Animation: One way to approach it." book in digital format. A 39 page animation manual hand-out for Don Bluth seminars. A simple start to learning the language of animation. (For those of you already contributed over $5 this will be added to your rewards!).

They have many other great rewards in store for fans who contribute to their campaign including, Digital Downloads, Blu-rays, DVDs, Original Signed books and Artwork, maquette's, Lapel Pins, signed posters, T-Shirts, Lanyards, and even a dinner with Don & Gary.

For any fan interested in making a contribution, they can visit the creator's Kickstarter page at


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