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As you've probably guessed by now, 2001's Jeepers Creepers is one of my favourite horror films. I think it's a strange, but brilliant, film. And with each viewing, I seem to notice more details that I had previously missed. This includes the use of fore-shadowing. I love fore-shadowing in films and the different ways they give us clues to events that are going to unfold in a film. Because of this, I decided to compile a list of the various ways Jeepers Creepers uses this technique. These are in the order that they appear in the film, and they are ones that I have noticed myself with the each viewing of the film. Also:

Warning: There will be spoilers!

Quote: Darry: 'Note to self: Die Young'.

This line was uttered after the siblings drive past the RV in the beginning. While this line isn't said in the final film, I still thought this was an interesting use of fore-shadowing and a direct one for people rewatching the film.

The Full Line From The Original Script
The Full Line From The Original Script


This is the license plate on the truck The Creeper drives and Darry tells his sister Trisha that the letters stand for 'Beating You'. However, this is a mistranslation; it can also be interpreted as 'Be Eating You'. The Creeper hunts and eats its victims.

Quote: Darry: 'Vehicle of choice for five out of ten for serial killers'.

This line is spoken after the siblings' first encounter with The Creeper's truck. Later on we discover that the driver is, in fact, a serial killer.

Quote: Trisha: 'You know the part in scary movies when somebody does something really stupid, and everybody hates them for it? This is it'.

I briefly mentioned this quote in another article. This is a less subtle form of fore-shadowing as we watch the brother (Darry) indeed do something stupid in a horror movie. Although it is debatable whether each viewer ends up hating Darry or not (I personally didn't despite his stupid decision).

Church Carving

When Darry falls down the pipe, he starts walking round the church basement and sees a carving. For people who are viewing the film for the first time, this would seem like a random piece of woodwork. However, people who are rewatching the film will know that the carving (pictured below) is actually a self-portrait of the villain.

Flying Shadow

After going to a diner, Darry and Trisha are talking to police outside the building. While this is happening, a shadow goes past Trisha and a sound that resembles wings flapping can be heard. At this moment in the film, none of the characters (and us, the audience) know that The Creeper can fly. However, this is later revealed to us and the siblings.

Quote: Darry: 'Is it dead?' Trisha: 'They never are'

Trisha Jenner seems to be on roll with this! After running over The Creeper, the above exchange happens between the siblings. Later on in the film we're told, by the psychic Jazelle, that the creature can not die:

I think it's eaten too many hearts, for it's own to never stop!

And Lastly...

When the two characters are making up the meaning for the license plates at the beginning of the film, Darry says that one of them stands for Gay Forever. Later in the film, they meet Jazelle who's middle name, according to IMDb's trivia section, is Gay. Whether this was intentional or not, I'm not sure, but I still thought it was interesting.


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