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Let me tell you about how Marvel/Kabam's video game "Contest of Champions" leaked us the simple name: "The Sokovia Accords", and explained everything.

I'm a pretty big Marvel fan. But I'm also a film writer; I connect narratives for a living. But, these days, nobody connects narratives quite as sweepingly as Marvel does, so you can imagine my excitement and surprise when a video game I play in my spare time on my iPad told me everything there is to know about the 'catastrophic' event that sets off the mysterious superhero registration that have so far only been referenced with the word "The Accords".

"The Accords", in the end-credits scene of Ant-Man, were specifically vague; are they a set of rules, are they a group of people, are they a bunch of Hondas? Nobody knew what Cap was specifically speaking about, but "The Accords" were going to stop Tony Stark from being able to help them with Bucky in that moment. Fortunately, Sam knows a guy.

Fast-forward several months, and Marvel's popular mobile device and video game brawler "Contest of Champions" receives a seemingly innocuous November update. This is a game that managed to get 'taken over by Ultron' just in time for May's Age of Ultron's release, and then shrunk to the microverse just in time for July's Ant-Man. These guys are on a tightly-managed Marvel-approved schedule.

Imagine my delight when a new "Hell's Kitchen" map was added to the game. I thought "Oh, just in time for Jessica Jones!"

Just a lovely new place for a beating. But then...
Just a lovely new place for a beating. But then...

But that's not all...

Two newspaper-style posters hang in a window of Matt & Jessica's hood; one with an image of Captain America that states "Superheroes Abducted" and the other with an image of Iron Man with the simple headline "The Sokovia Accords".

Behold... "The Sokovia Accords" are in the news.
Behold... "The Sokovia Accords" are in the news.

It all makes sense: the Avengers and their kooky robot blasts an entire European city into dust, hot on the heels of Hulk-smashing South Africa? With those major international incidents, do we really need the New Mutants to blow up an American city on a reality TV show after the word sees that? (That's how is happens in the comics).

Ant-Man cleverly sprinkled some "Who's To Blame for Sokovia?" newspaper headlines into Scott Lang's first ride on Antony, but this is the first time we've really seen the connection within Marvel's massive, multi-platform, shared universe.

So we can expect the Act 1 setup of "Captain America: Civil War" to have Tony on the opposite side of the kind of inquiry he cheekily dismissed in Iron Man 2, and this time it ends with The Sokovia Accords being signed into law by a United Nations-style international ruling.

Which, of course, means war.

There you have it, gang. We've seen the Accords' catastrophe already: Sokovia going for a ride.


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