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Last week I put out two articles about characters who need to appear on the newest Arrow spin-off, [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021). I have made these articles because I know that eventually, the team will need new members. I have gone all the way from existing characters like Constantine and Red Arrow/Arsenal, to new characters like Booster Gold and Red Tornado. Here is my part 3 with many more characters.

15. Kid Flash/Impulse

Wally West is going to be introduced on The Flash very soon, and this would be a great starting point. On Legends of Tomorrow, they should have some kind of speedster on the team, because why should The Flash have all the fast ones? But instead of Bart Allen, use Wally West. Somehow give him his powers and he can become Kid Flash or Impulse.

16. Beast Boy

When the roster for the TNT's Teen Titans show was announced, (which will be called either Titans or Blackbirds) many were disappointed to hear that Beast Boy would not be apart of the show, including me. But he can still work in live-action: on Legends of Tomorrow! He would be a great, sarcastic, and fun character to use, unless he was on the team with Vixen, then there would be two people on the team with almost the exact same powers. This character would still work and be a fun new addition to the cast.

17. Miss Martian

Miss Martian is a very fun, and interesting character. She was very cool on Young Justice, and I want to see more of her. Including her on this show would also confirm that there are aliens in the Arrowverse. Miss Martian would add a whole new element to the show. It would be very cool to see her working alongside the ATOM and White Canary.

18. Superboy

To introduce this character, they should use Supergirl as a tie-in. Have a crossover between Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, so that Superboy can be introduced and become a member. He would be much powerful that almost everybody on the team, but he wouldn't know how to control that power. He is almost as strong as Superman, so if he went bad, then the team would have a hard time beating him. But I don't think they'll go that way. Either way he is a very cool character that needs to be used in a live-action adaptation.

19. Black Lightning

Black Lightning is a very interesting character. I do not know much about him, although I do know that he is from Metropolis, which would be a problem. But if they could get this character on the show, then he would be great. He has great powers, and a great story that I want to know more about. He would also fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the show, and as a member.

20. Komodo

Komodo has already been introduced, and that was in Arrow season 3. But he was way too underused. Many of us want to see more of him, and Legends would be a great place for him. He may not fit in too well, but the team needs more villains.

So, do you like my ideas? Do you disagree or agree with any of my characters? Please, let me know!


What character do you want to see on Legends of Tomorrow as a member?


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