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The OWCA files is the ending of Phineas and Ferb and it focuses on Perry, Doof, Carl, Major and a whole new set of characters. This review is spoiler free.

The Plot

It is about Perry and his team of agents going up against a new foe bent on taking over OWCA, sub plots like three bugs trying to be agents are also present in this 40 minute special.


Harry The Hyena

Maggie The macaw


Francis Monogram

DR Parenthesis

karen The Cat

Perry The Platypus

DR Doof

Review: plot

The OWCA files has a messy plot and the three bugs are just filler and besides one joke they are mostly unfunny. The plot seems rushed and we do not get any development for the characters. It has great ideas and concepts but it was too rushed.

Review: songs

The songs however are really good with only one being mediocre while the other two are fantastic and if you do not like the special then at least the theme song will keep you going.

Review: characters

although there is almost no development the returning characters are portrayed quite well and the villain knocks it out of the park. The new characters are not so good due to the fact they are only there for Perry's arc.

Review: animation

Great animation and is an improvement from the show.

Review: Humour

The humour is fantastic, even the bugs have their funny moments and the writers know what the viewers want as the bugs get blown up.

Review: Action

The action scenes are great and the fight with Karen and Parenthesis is the highlight of the special.


The special is good and sure it has its downfalls but the comedy and action makes it entertaining and it gives us a great nostalgia trip. The only reason it got a 6.5 was because I was scoring the special and not counting the nostalgia trip and how it makes people ask for more. if I counted those it would have been an 8.


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