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Jessica Jones hits Netflix this week, and from everything we have seen so far, it looks incredible!

We've been treated to a couple of trailers that showcase Jones (Krysten Ritter) as a heavy-drinking, hard-hitting PI with attitude to spare. Crushing alarm clocks, pounding the whiskey, pursuing bartenders and generally kicking ass, there is no doubt that the star of the series is going to be re-defining badass in this first season.

However, we are also getting a glimpse into the complexity of her character. We've seen that she's got some real darkness to her, and the trailers showcase her crushing fear of the Purple Man (David Tennant). We get a hint at his insanity, his single-minded pursuit of her, and comic book fans know some of what he's made her do in the past. However, we hadn't really seen much of him in person... until now.

These new clips shows us just what Purple Man can do, as he uses his mind-control powers to win some serious cash, as well as to enslave a family.

David Tennant does an absolutely incredible job in this clip; his voice has become darker and more gravelly for this character as he revels in his abilities. While others may choose to wield the power of mind control with a little subtlety, Killgrave forces everyone at the table to go all in, and then tells them all to fold.

Where others may have made this a likable moment for the character (who wouldn't want to just stroll into a card game, guaranteed to win big?), Tennant makes sure that Purple Man doesn't come out of this as any kind of relatable. His performance is edgy, borderline crazy, and he seems somehow bored at the same time as he gloats at his victory. Killgrave is deeply, horribly unlikeable - which is exactly how it should be.

This second clip shows Killgrave strolling into an apartment (presumably picked at random?) and informing the family living there that he will be staying for a while... during which time he expects the kids to stay in a closet, and the adults to cater to his every whim.

There's no charm to him here; his mind control doesn't come with a smile. Instead, we are treated to a truly sociopathic character - no compassion, high expectations, no care for anyone but himself. Tennant manages to convey the idea that Killgrave truly doesn't see humans as deserving of any respect or consideration, they are beneath him. The crushing of the car is absolutely perfect; and you get the feeling that if it weren't so... messy... he would have enjoyed doing that to the kids themselves.

I'm thrilled to see Tennant in this role, and this clip just shows how amazing he will be as the villain of this new show. He'll be bringing the dark and twisted Killgrave to life perfectly, and I can't wait to see it!


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