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Nothing can bring a character to life more vividly than when we get to see them interact with their siblings. Here's a few groups that I came up with that I believe show us exactly what having siblings is all about. Warning: may cause warm fuzzies.

Lilo and Nani

When their parents are killed in a car accident, Nani assumes the task of raising Lilo, often with mixed results. They fight and yell, but they always make up over pizza and tickle fights. And when Child Services decides to take Lilo out of Nani's care, they promise to always remember each other. They taught us the true meaning of ohana.

Hiro and Tadashi

Hiro idolizes his older brother, Tadashi Hamada. They share a love of inventing and Tadashi encourages Hiro to develop his gifts to better the world. He refuses to give up on Hiro, and when Tadashi is given up for dead after a fire, his legacy lives on through Baymax, his last invention. Hiro learns from Baymax the importance of caring for others and carries on his brother's work faithfully.

Anna and Elsa

Anna and Elsa's relationship becomes rocky after Elsa accidentally injures Anna with her ice magic, causing Elsa to retreat from her sister in an effort to protect her. But when Elsa's magic is revealed and she flees Arendelle, Anna doesn't hesitate to go after her. Even when Elsa rejects her pleas to come home and sends a blast of magic through her heart, Anna's only thought is to bring her sister home. Anna's persistence helps Elsa finally see that she isn't evil or cursed, and their true love for one another saves Arendelle from ruin.

Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz

This troublesome trio can be a little snooty, but when Edgar strands them in the middle of the countryside they find a way to work together to get home. And as for cat fights, Marie said it well: "Ladies never start fights, but they can finish them." Bravo, Marie. Bravo.

Wendy, John and Michael

With Wendy's heart, John's intelligence and Michael's free spirit, these three make an interesting trio. The boys adore Wendy and eagerly listen to her wild tales of Peter Pan and his Lost Boys. When Wendy senses that her brothers, caught up in Peter's magical world, have forgotten who they are, she gently reminds them of their home and parents waiting for them in London. The three Darlings remain close throughout the entire adventure, even when Wendy decides she's "ready to grow up after all".

Violet and Dash

Violet and Dash, the typical weird older sister/annoying little brother, must learn to work together after finding themselves in a jungle filled with robotic animals and evil henchmen. They discover new abilities within themselves and each other, and they quickly adapt to fighting Syndrome together with their parents and baby brother, Jack-Jack.

Whether they're saving the world or each other, these Disney siblings have taught us much over the years.


Which sibling group was your favorite?


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