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And yet I don't see any video proof. Anybody can pose - models are especially known for that ;-) Photos can be, well, Photoshopped. Live action in real motion. And here's something I've learned from dealing with people in "the industry" - they LOVE to show off. If they are doing something they feel is bad-assed or gives them "cred" or in any way makes them look good they cannot wait to publish it (of course per the terms of their agreements, etc.). And who can blame them? Maybe it's "in my head" as you put it because you and other Gadophiles can't provide any truly substantive proof? Or is it because you're so blinded by your attraction to this child-like female that you refuse to accept facts? Olivia Munn is rocking it. Many other women have hit it hard to be who they are. Sorry, I cannot abide posers. If you're going to do a role, BE the role. Otherwise, step off. Once again I extend the offer. Post the link to the video SHOWING that she is indeed doing weapons training and working her tiny little ass off to be the incarnation of the Amazon princess. I found video of Henry Cavill. Even Affleck (who IS NOT my choice, I will be honest about that) has worked to get into some sort of hero shape. Please, post similar video footage of Gadot training (and I will be fair, I won't require that she is doing it to Cavill level) and then we can talk. Eagerly awaiting the proof. And as a final related side note - it is a disgrace that all this commentary is for this negligible talent while few are noting that Superman's sequel has been hijacked right out from underneath him. That's the real abomination.

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