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Pulp Fiction just so happens to be one of my all time favorite movies, just like millions of other people. Surprisingly though, I never realized these seven facts about this Tarantino classic.

Spoilers ahead!

7. Jules Sticks To His Plan

In Kill Bill volume 2, Samuel Jackson appears in the film as a drifter. Which is funny because at the end of Pulp Fiction, he mentions his desire to become a drifter after giving up his life of crime.

6. I Love You, But Don't Talk To Me

Marcellus and Mia are definitely husband and wife throughout the film, their relationship has a big effect on the movie. Ironically though, they never say a word to each other on screen.

5. Ezekial 25:17 Isn't Real

It's not clear as to where Jules gets his epic Bible passage from in the movie, Ezekiel 25:17 is nowhere to be found in the actual book.

4. Doesn't Take Much To Make Much

Pulp Fiction only cost eight million dollars to make. But went on to gross over $210 million...and rightfully so.

3. Uma Thurman Almost Missed Out

Uma Thurman initially turned down her iconic role in Pulp Fiction. And didn't accept it until after Quentin Tarantino convinced her by reading the script over the phone.

2. How Convenient

During the scene where Vincent has to stick Mia with a syringe to revive her, both the Game of Life and Operation can be seen in the background.

1. The Film's Favorite Word Is...

The 'F' word is uttered over 265 times in the movie.

What a great script!


How many of you knew all of these unique facts about Pulp Fiction?


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