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We're close approaching the mid-season finale of NBC's hit TV show Blindspot, and there are still so many cryptic clues to solve! We've got fights, we've got deaths, we've got it all for you... If you haven't watched Episode 9 yet, warning...

Spoilers ahead!


In what has undoubtably been the most action packed episode to date, Episode 9, titled 'Authentic Flirt,' featured intense fight scenes, two deaths and, of course, another government security subplot.

Jane Doe and Kurt Weller pose as married assassins to gatecrash a glamorous island party and retrieve a leaked list of individuals currently under government protection. The list, of course, is in possession of a douchy villain who goes by the name of Rich Dot Com, who is as annoying as his name would suggest. The whole affair ends in a thrilling and very well dressed shoot out.

Additionally this episode waves goodbye to one of the shows secondary characters, David. For those of you who need a catch up, David was Patterson's boyfriend who was promptly dumped when Mayfair caught the pair solving a classified clue together. In a bid to get her back, David continued to seek answers which directly lead to his demise.

The tattooed tip-off:

There are a number of small letters scattered across Jane Doe's body. Patterson clocks they are all tattooed in the same font and rightly concludes they're an anagram of sorts. After the computer spouts out around 1,000 possibilities, the team are left with:

Ashwell Creek Kennels, the name of an online puppy messaging board, which coincidentally is a forum some bad guys are using to send secret messages to one another. Conveniently there's an address posted in one of the threads and they go to check it out...and the rest, you'll have to watch for yourself.

Blind Spots / Questions for Episode 10, the Midseason Finale:

1. Is Mayfair behind Saul's death?

And how did Carter get her to do it?

2. How will Patterson handle David's death? Will this make her more determined to solve the case?

Or will she slip into depression?

3. Has Zapata finally given up being Carter's fly-on-the-wall?

How will he react? Can he be killed off next, please?

4. Who is the redhead David was following?

And who was following David?

5. When will Weller and Jane get a little on-screen chemistry?

Or are we supposed to believe it's already there? Don't get me wrong, both of their characters are developing nicely, but being romantically compatible? I don't buy it.

Predictably, all the questions from last week's recap still stand regarding Daylight, Orion and where the hell Jane Doe has been hiding for the last 25 years. Answers please!

More to follow in next week for the recap of Blindspot, Episode 10 that airs Monday November 24 at 10/9C on NBC.

Source: TVFanatic, EW


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