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Hollywood has been Taken with worry over the last few months as recent images of Liam Neeson surfaced showing the star sporting a shockingly thin frame. A 'nutrition expert' estimated to Hollywood Life back in September that he'd lost around 60lbs and appeared fearfully unhealthy.

Is he battling an illness? Is the weight-loss for a movie role? After much speculation, the real reason has been revealed.

Firstly, we're relieved to confirm that Neeson is happy and healthy, and that the reported 'nutrition expert' vastly overestimated the sum of weight shedded by the Les Misérables actor. Rather than 60lbs, Neeson in fact lost 20, which although still dramatic, is nowhere near as worrying when considering we're talking about a 6'4, 225lbs male.

Secondly, according to Collider, Neeson's drop in weight is all down to his role in an upcoming historical drama by Martin Scorsese, Silence. Talking about his physical preparation, Neeson offered this explanation:

“Martin wanted us all to look a bit more gaunt, which [Adam Driver & Andrew Garfield] did as well. I know Adam went to the extreme. He’s an ex marine and when he’s given an order, he follows it through. He was like something out of Auschwitz. Martin requires this level of [dedication] and I think it pays off.”

Although it would have been nice to receive this reassurance a little earlier, the delay in confirmation may have been to postpone the hype around the movie, which is pegged for an Oscar in 2016.

Of course Neeson isn't the only actor to have dropped pounds for a film role. Back in 2004, Christian Bale lost a terrifying 63lbs playing the insomnia riddled Trevor Reznik in The Machinist.

When filming Dallas Buyers Club Matthew Mcconaughey claimed his 'body resembled a baby bird with its mouth open, crying, ‘Feed me, feed me.' Which is understandable, considering he lost 47lbs for the role.

Not to mention Natalie Portman who thought she was literally going to die when she weened her minuscule frame down by 20lbs for the 2010 masterpiece Black Swan.

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