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Ronda Rousey is a woman of many talents and along with killing it in the ring and fighting in an evening gown, one of them might just be psychic premonitions. Who knew!

A video from Rousey's last appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon seemed to foreshadow her dramatic defeat at the hands of Holly Holm, although things didn't go quite how the ever-confident Ronda predicted...

The former champion explained that while she was sussing out her opponents tactics in the ring, she figure that the match would go down as follows:

"I feel like she’s going to try and like keep distance, and keep far away from me, and get me frustrated, and to a point that I’ll make a mistake and she can try and kick me in the head. But it’s not going to go like that…"

But, as I'm sure you know already, a couple of these details didn't go down in Ronda's favor as you'll see in the recap below.

First there was frustration...

There is no denying that Holm gave Rousey the run around.

Then there was a mistake by Rousey which led to the now infamous head kick

Unluckily for Rhonda, Holm did a bit more than "try" to hit her in the head.

Before the final, unforeseen, defeat

Despite knowing Holm's game plan inside out, unfortunately Rousey didn't see this one coming. Ouch.

Check out the full interview where Ronda makes her freakily accurate prediction below:

(Source: Uproxx)


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