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It almost feels like Home Alone is such a staple movie, so engrained in my memory, that it's almost a part of my Christmas just as much as stockings, mistletoe (yeah, right!) and copious amounts of chocolate.

It feels like the movie has been around forever, and in a way it has for anyone below 30. Can you believe it's been 25 years since movie was released?!

During those 25 years of occasional viewing, I thought I'd spotted all there was to spot. But I became complacent. And perhaps you did too.

Reddit user matt01ss has shared a fairly innocuous looking sequence at the beginning of the movie, which explains why it took so long for the family to notice Kevin was missing...

His Dad throws Kevin's airline ticket in the bin!

Maybe you're more eagle-eyed than I am – I know for sure I've never noticed it and it seems like quite a few others missed this pivotal moment, too. It certainly makes the whole plot more believable.

But... could it hide a darker truth?

In a typical Reddit-esque dark twist, could there actually be a more sinister motive behind the plot? Some users believe that Kevin's dad didn't want him around, and that he'd planned it all along.

Drgreeneggsandham asked the admittedly interesting yet childhood-destroying question:

So his parents hired Harry and Marv to rob the house in the first place and take out Kevin?

While jbenz believes perhaps his Dad was working alone:

Boy this makes sense. Except it wasn't both of his parents. Only his Dad. His Dad "accidentally" throws away the ticket. His mom makes heroic efforts to get back to her son while Dad is all "ehhh, maybe I'll just find another flight."

Also, there is some (very, very slight) onscreen evidence: In the scene where the family are reunited, his dad does look genuinely apathetic toward Kevin when they are left alone. Dare I say it, he almost looks disappointed that Kevin is okay.


Source: Reddit


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