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Ant-Man, starring Paul Rudd, was released on July 17th in the US and received mixed reviews. Some seem to love director Peyton Reed's adaptation of Ant-Man from the original comic book source material, whereas others disagree, labelling the movie cheap.

Fortunately, most of the reviews were positive; personally, I wasn't expecting much from Ant-Man, but thought the movie turned out to be a surprising delight. None of the 117 minute runtime seemed wasted or rushed, likely due to the well-crafted script, exemplary editing, and a skilled performance from Rudd as he kept a lighthearted demeanor amidst a stern superhero narrative.

Plenty of deleted scenes have proven that the movie was heavily edited, in the Marvel manner of filming everything they could possibly need and trimming or excluding content which they ultimately deemed unnecessary. This consequently means that the editors cut out some pure gold. But today I'll focus on one in particular: the scene that drops a potential Iron Man hint.

A breakdown of the scene

EW reports that a plot point for Iron Man 4 is dropped in a deleted Ant-Man scene. I've attached the particular scene below, which includes commentary by Director Peyton Reed and star Paul Rudd!

The pair are talking over the scene, describing the on-screen activity and where they planned on taking it. The intention of the scene seemed to be a means of further introducing antagonist Darren Cross, a.k.a. Yellowjacket.

We see a number of interesting developments, but primarily alternative uses for the shrinking technology beyond military use. Darren Cross shows an eye, proving that the technology could benefit biomedical scene; a tiny cube of shipping containers, which could benefit global industry; and a tiny waste dump, which could save the world.

In this particular scene we learn that antagonist Darren Cross actually has plans to use his technology for positive reasons. This was unfortunately cut, leaving Cross as a two dimensional antagonist, but it's interesting to know that there were some good intentions in his character bio.

However, apparently these positive character traits weren't seen as necessary, which reveals that the intentions of the character were seen as somewhat distracting from the primary narrative.


Interestingly, we also learn through Peyton and Rudd's commentary that a subtle Iron Man hint was inserted into the scene. As Cross sells his idea to the room, we see a prominent tattoo on the neck of a character.

As you can see, the above the tattoo is extremely prominent... too prominent to be an accident. It is also reminiscent of the '10 Rings' criminal organization that abducted Tony Stark in the first Iron Man film.

So, was this 10 Rings reference just an Easter egg, or was it a hint at the plot of Iron Man 4? It's rumored that the fourth installment of the Iron Man franchise will go back to basics while adhering to evolutions in the MCU, so will the 10 Rings feature once more?

Although Mandarin featured in Iron Man 3, we ultimately learned that he was a fraud. However, with the 10 Rings organization supposedly led by Mandarin, is it possible that the next Iron Man movie will feature Mandarin as the primary antagonist with the 10 Rings as backup?

Ant-Man is available now on Digital HD, and will hit Blu-ray December 8th. Have a look at the deleted scene from Ant-Man below and let me know what you think!

(Source: EW)


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