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Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens is the most highly anticipated film of our generation. Fans were tripping over themselves to get tickets to the premiere screening and the promotional material for the movie is gaining serious momentum.

Disney has dropped some incredible trailers on us, as well as an awesome TV spot, which eagle-eyed fans and critics were able to deconstruct in order to paint a picture of the upcoming movie.

We've had most of the original Star Wars stars appear throughout the trailers and we've been introduced to our new heroes: Rey, Finn and Poe, alongside new droids and a few antagonists.

Moreover, we've also caught glimpses of other characters from the original Star Wars trilogy who are sure to have an important role in the movie.

But who else can we expect? The galaxy is a big place and it's inevitable that we'll be introduced to a few unfamiliar characters. The most recent addition to the cast is Constable Zuvio, an alien of an unknown race; in fact, we know very little about him at all.

Information on the character has become available via 'Empire,' who have revealed the first real look at the character beyond a few merchandising leaks.

Constable Zuvio is described by Lucasfilm as a:

“vigilant law officer on a mostly lawless world, [who] keeps order in a frontier trading post."

As I said, very little has been revealed about this "tough and humorless" character, however, we can speculate about a few key facts.

First of all we can assume that the planet on which he serves as a law officer is 'Jakku,' Rey's home and the planet on which she meets Fin.

In the wider Star Wars universe the Empire fought the New Republic on Jakku, a backwater planet described as a worthless rock in the outer rim. However, the peace on Jakku was disturbed by a battle and an Imperial Star destroyed was crashed into the ground. This might seem familiar if you've watched the Star Wars VII trailers.

If Constable Zuvio is really a law officer there's a good chance he'll run into Rey and Finn as they attempt to escape the planet, but where can we expect his loyalties to lie?

There are still a lot of questions which need answered. Empire is due to release a special edition for Star Wars: The Force Awakens on November 26th, which will certainly have some interesting secrets.

Until then have another look at the most recent trailer:

(Source: Empireonline.)


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