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(Warning - the following may contain mild visual and plot-related SPOILERS for the upcoming appearance in Gotham of Professor Hugo Strange. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests to you...)

Now, with word arriving last month that Jurassic World star BD Wong would soon be arriving in Gotham as the deeply creepy Hugo Strange, Bat-fans the world over rejoiced at the imminent arrival of such inherent creepiness in the show, in the hands of such a fan-favorite.

With the comic-book villain's appearance television arrival growing ever closer, then, it was about time we got a better idea of just what to expect from Wong's Strange... and, thankfully, he was happy to oblige. Y'see:

BD Wong Just Revealed a Whole Lot of Potential Looks For Hugo Strange

Indeed, Wong very much put his money where his mouth is, and - rather than simply hinting at a potential look - threw a giant pile of potential Strange-styles online via his Instagram account. The result? This giant pile of awesomeness...

Of which, the top left is obviously the most comic-book faithful - but may not leave enough room for the villain's beard to grow into the part alongside Wong. Which, with the villain seemingly set for a substantial role in the show - word is he'll be hired to run Arkham Asylum, before being revealed to be "Gotham's greatest threat".

Indeed, it seems his arrival may also spell trouble for a certain Penguin. As Wong also revealed on his Instagram:

It Seems Strange and the Penguin are Set For a Confrontation

Specifically, one in which Wong's Strange may well get the upper hand...

Which, combined with Wong's reveal in the earlier post that Strange is "into gas masks and water sports", suggests we're set to see him become one hell of a new villain...

What do you reckon, though?



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