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Nobody wants to get on Jennifer Lawrence's bad side, if she actually has one at all.

The Hunger Games actress who's renowned for being a bit of an adorable goofball is famously lovely to interview, thanks to her generally being intelligent, funny and an all-round good person. It's understandable then that this attitude is exactly what interviewer Ian Hecox, one half of famous Internet duo SMOSH, was expecting when JLaw came in to promote the last movie in The Hunger Games franchise, Mockingjay Part 2. What he was met with, however, was quite the opposite.

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Ian Hecox, along with his other half, Anthony Padilla, had planned on pranking JLaw during the interview, with Padilla behind-the-scenes feeding obligatory commands to Hecox through his headpiece. But little did they know that JLaw was secretly in on the joke.

Hiding in a different room sat her The Hunger Games co-stars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, joined by SMOSH superfan Dylan Miceli-Nelson, who masterminded the entire event. Miceli-Nelson suffers from muscular-dystrophy and has always wanted to prank the interviewing duo and Lawrence, who wanted to promote the illness, saw an opportunity to beat the pranksters at their own game.

Starting the interview with the requirement that she was not to be her "normal nice self," JLaw starts by being "a little bit of a dick," playing on her phone and whipping out the irritated starlet card.

In what proceeds to be a continually awkward interaction, you can clearly witness Hecox and Padilla becoming increasingly agitated by Lawrence's reactions. Here are some of the best bits:

Hecox: "My friend was supposed to do [the interview] but, you know, I volunteered as tribute."
Lawrence: "What's that from?"
Hecox: "I don't know...I think it was Titanic. I don't really remember."
Lawrence: "No, it was from my movie."
Hecox: "Do you want to hear a joke?"
Lawrence: "No"
Hecox: "California must be a really big fan of Hunger Games...because it's always catching fire!"
Lawrence: "My boyfriend lost a house in one of the California fires"
Hecox: "Oh...ok, so rough, rough subject then."
Lawrence: "They lost a dog."
Hecox: "Don't make this depressing!"
Lawrence: "I think you should put your shoes back on."
Hecox: "I should, but I don't like wearing shoes."
Lawrence: "But do you not feel like in a professional situation you should not stay like, maybe, fully clothed, just out of respect for who you're interviewing?"
Hecox: "No."

This cringeworthly but brilliant interview comes to a crux when Lawrence storms out of the interview, following a heated disagreement over Hecox removing his shoes.

Watch the hilarious prank unravel below:

What a good sport!

Source: The Daily Mail


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