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Christina Aguilera has recently entered a partnership with HopeLine from Verizon in an effort to support victims of domestic violence through prevention and awareness.

Christina opened up and said:

It's a subject that really hits home with me because I've always been pretty vocal and open about my own experiences in witnessing domestic violence in the home and neighbouring homes around me, so it was something that was pretty constant in my younger upbringing,”
“It is a hush, hush subject. Not everybody likes to wear it on their sleeve and talk about it. It makes people uncomfortable and there's a lot of shame around it. But that's why for me, it's so important for me to speak my truth and helping others to find theirs and to find their own hope in a hopeless situation.”

We've seen Christina talk about this difficult issue through her songwriting. Cast your minds back to the lyrics of 'I'm Okay' from the 'Stripped' album:

It hurt me to see the pain across my mother’s face

Every time my father’s fist would put her in her place

Hearing all the yelling, I would cry in my room, hoping it would be over soon

Bruises fade, father, but the pain remains the same

And I still remember how you kept me so afraid.

Christina also spoke about how becoming a mother has brought up many of the things she faced in the past again:

“I definitely knew when I was going into making the decision to have children of my own, that I definitely would do my very best to make sure their environment was safe, that they were emotionally safe and secure, because those were the things that I didn't have growing up,”

The star also commented on how music was her escape:

In turn, [that’s] why I found music to definitely be my form of release and my outlet and therapeutic at times for me. Hopefully I'll instill a love of music in them in a joyful sense rather than having them need it as an escape. But I honestly believe that it's good to be truthful with your children, I think there's an appropriate time and place and way to talk about it.”

If you would like to support Christina and HopeLine, you can purchase an exclusive Verizon pre-paid bundle available at Walmart.


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