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Wow Disney is really spoiling us, perhaps to get us even more pumped for the premiere on Sunday. It's a clip to promote the Disney Conservation Fund, but it features some new clips, some involving Kiara!

We have Kion telling Kiara his role as Lion Guard

As well as Bunga leaping into action to help Kiara

In non Kiara related news there's an interview with Gabrielle Union, as well as a video of Nala. In it she explains she's putting her own spin on the character.

Picture of the Day

I love everyone's face here. Bunga is just so happy, but Zuri looks scared, and Kiara and Tiifu look confused. Maybe they're trying to handle Bunga's "UnBungalivable" pun. Maybe Tiifu and Kiara hate puns, and Zuri is scared of them.

Things to Ponder

"Could Kiara meeting Kovu be on a day Tiifu and Zuri couldn't play?"

This theory is contrast to the theory where The Lion Guard takes place between Kiara meeting Kovu and Kiara's first hunt, which I believe.

Simba lets Kiara go gazelle tracking with Zuri and Tiifu, but in Lion King 2 he sent Timon and Pumbaa to follow Kiara.

Maybe he doesn't want Kiara off on her own? Kiara could've just intended to play alone since her friends were busy, and ended up making a new friend.

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