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We didn't know how true Yoda's epic "fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering" speech would ring today. But in the case of the unlucky owners of the Star Wars: Battlefront Ultimate Edition, they've just been introduced to the dark side of PSN, and have come out relatively scarred.

Sony are investigating reports of people complaining that, irrespective of pre-ordering the game and downloading the day one patch, they either cannot enter multiplayer servers or even start the game.

Some gamers have taken to social media to gripe over the issue, including:

IGN's own Max Scoville...

Redditors discussing the issue have they too:

The Result

Sony have made attempts to amend the situation with a detailed post on their support site:

Update: Please restore your licenses if you are having issues starting the game. Go to [Settings] > [PlayStation™Network/Account Management] and select [Restore License].
If you continue to have issues, please try powering your system down fully, and reboot.
Note: Be sure not to enter rest mode and power the system down fully.

The fix has worked for some, but there are still some people stuck in an expensive wilderness of yet another broken AAA title on its launch day.

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