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So another week slips by without any concrete news from Nintendo regarding the existence of the long awaited Pokemon Z, nor any amazing revelations about a release date for the exciting looking mobile game Pokemon GO. It's all getting a bit depressing now, isn't it Pokéfans?

You might remember a while back when we got our first look at the various forms of the lesser legendary Zygarde, first introduced in Pokemon X and Y and found in the Terminus Cave. From the leaked pages of CoroCoro Comic, the Japanese monthly manga magazine which is always chock full of Pokémon information, we saw the new forms of Zygarde, the Pokémon that is believed to form the centrepiece for Pokémon Z.

Zygarde's Forms

It's likely that Zygarde takes its name from "zygote", which is a cell formed through the process of fertilisation. A zygote's genome contains the genetic information necessary to create a new individual, and so is the starting point of the development of life, something which is reflected in Zygarde's various forms.

  • Cell: Single cells make up the body of Zygarde but individually they have no consciousness of their own. They are found scattered throughout the world.
  • Core: A self-aware core, basically this is the core of Zygarde's brain.
  • 10% Form: A dog-like form that the core takes when it gathers 10% of it's body through absorbing nearby individual cells.
  • 50% Form: A serpent-like form that the core takes when it gathers 50% of it's cellular structure from absorbing individual cells. This is the legendary we encounter in the Terminus Cave in Pokémon X and Y.
  • Complete (100%) Form: A more humanoid form, this is the perfect form of Zygarde that the core takes when it gathers all 100% of its cells. Supposedly stronger than the X and Y legendaries Xerneas and Yveltal, the 100% form is guardian and protector of the ecosystem.

This was a pretty big tease for both Pokémon Z and the Pokémon XY & Z anime which started airing in Japan a few weeks back, so it's no surprise that fans have been keeping a keen eye on the magazine for further news of either Pokémon Z or Pokémon GO, which is currently under development by augmented reality developers Niantic, Inc. in conjunction with The Pokémon Company.

Zygarde as it appears in Pokémon X & Y
Zygarde as it appears in Pokémon X & Y

Big News In The CoroCoro December Issue!?

And it looks like our waiting might finally pay off, as the November issue of CoroCoro featured an announcement that big Pokémon related news is coming in next month's issue, which is set to release in Japan on the 15th December. The December issue usually discusses the yearly Pokémon movie, but the fact that "big" news is being teased means that we'll hopefully be finding out a little more than that.

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO

As for Pokémon GO, despite rumours of a February 27th 2016 release (which are conjecture at best) all we really know about the upcoming AR game is that it's set to be released sometime next year.

In true Nintendo fashion we probably wont get to find out anything else until they want us to know, so it could continue to be a long cold wait as we head into winter with still no news.

Take pity on us Nintendo, please?

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