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Despite its highly anticipated status, news about the upcoming Blade Runner sequel has been trickling out way too slowly. Last we heard, Ryan Gosling was in talks to star alongside Harrison Ford, and now we finally have confirmation from the man himself!

This is great news not only for Gosling fans but also for those of us who want to see this project get off the ground, and it seems like that's definitely happening.

Ryan Gosling has officially joined Blade Runner 2


Sadly, he remained mum about any details, and at this point we only know a bit about the team behind the camera. Denis Villeneuve will be taking the reins from Ridley Scott and directing the feature. He's made a name for himself in Hollywood with suspense-driven films like Prisoners and Sicario, and it'll be interesting to see his foray into sci-fi.

Along with a talented director and a cast that's steadily building, Blade Runner 2 will feature the cinematography of Roger Deakins, who has filled movies like The Big Lebowski and Skyfall with incredible visuals.

That's pretty much all we know now, but since it's the next project for Ryan Gosling, I'm assuming that production will start relatively soon. Still, according to the actor, they've got ways of keeping him quiet.


(Source: Collider)


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