ByRob Harris, writer at
Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

We've all been there. It started out as a few harmless battles before school. Next thing you know, your Pikachu is level 76 and it's dark outside. Pokemania was a force to be reckoned with, sweeping across the world in the late '90s, leaving countless fabricated sick days in its wake.

Luckily, I've now managed to curb my obsessive urge to catch 'em all, but if you recognize any of the following traits in yourself, it's likely that you too were once throttled by the vise-like grip of Poke-addiction. The first step is admitting you had a problem...

1. You've trained your dog to tail whip squirrels

2. Every time you lock eyes with a stranger you start fighting

3. You walk the long way home to avoid the long grass

4. Whenever you go to the gym you demand to speak to the 'leader'

5. You never ride your bike indoors

6. You spray insect repellent on your clothes and walk in the forest with confidence... at least for 100 paces

7. You ask your mom to save all your money

8. You try to store pets in your computer

9. You only listen to your professors if their last name is a tree species

10. When you want someone to wake up you start playing the flute


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