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While some fans -- myself included -- were pretty sure that all merchandise featuring Leia in her "slave" outfit would be phased out under Disney's new marketing push. But (given that there have been no major statements from Disney) the best anyone could determine that this was a rumor, kicked off when a Marvel comic artist discussed possible limitations that were placed on upcoming Star Wars comics regarding Leia.

Despite all of that, it looks as though the bikini is not being phased out from upcoming merchandise -- just renamed. A recent post by fan Andy Wegner seems to back this up:

A recently released Mr. Potato Head doll designates Leia's golden bikini as her "Jabba's Captive" outfit.

Via Entertainment Earth:

Star Wars Princess Leia Poptaters Mr. Potato Head

  • Star Wars? More like Starch Wars!
  • Fantastically detailed version of Mrs. Potato Head as Princess Leia.
  • Includes the iconic Jabba’s captive metal bikini!

With Mr. Potato Head styling, Star Wars becomes Starch Wars! This Star Wars Princess Leia Poptaters Mr. Potato Head features the Jabba the Hutt’s prisoner costume of Princess Leia as a Mr. Potato Head figure that includes tons of extras and interchangeable parts. Measures approximately 6 1/2-inches tall. Ages 2 and up!

Again, there have been no major statements from Disney or Lucasfilm regarding Leia's golden bikini in merch or marketing -- but it seems as though it's getting a rename.


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