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About seven weeks ago, I opened my email account and found an email from MoviePilot inviting me to join their bi-annual writing seminar. The six-week course, promptly titled MoviePilot University, seemed a bit intimidating at first. The idea of writing four articles a week for six weeks in a row was a bit scary to take in at first, but looking at the resources available to you, such as a peer group and a personal mentor, the pros outweighed the cons. As a working student, I was nervous to commit but I decided to take on the MPU program with as much confidence as I could. I also figured that if I stumbled and fell, at least I could learn from the experience and pick myself back up. Now that I have successfully completed the program, there are definitely things I learned about both myself and my writing.

You can face challenges

As I said, I was nervous to accept the invitation to participate in MPU. On top of working a day job and continuing on with school, I didn't have the amount of free time that I thought was necessary for this program. However, I managed to make it work without ever being late once. It was a challenge and I'm proud that I was able to step up to the plate and come out accomplished. It taught me that even when a challenge comes your way, you are capable of facing and even overcoming it. The choice to succeed is in our own hands and if we are determined, we can meet the challenge.

It's alright to use the support networks you have around you

Like I mentioned before, MPU has a pretty awesome support network available. In addition to your personal mentor, you are able to chat with fellow MPU participants via Facebook and MoviePilot. You can exchange ideas with them, you can give feedback, or you can simply get support. If you're stuck brainstorming or you need a fresh set of eyes to look at what you have, you can depend on your mentor or the MPU group to help.

Some people are a bit too proud to ask for help. I will admit to being a bit nervous at times to seek help because I couldn't quite figure out how to ask or who to seek out, but it's alright to ask. We should never be too nervous to seek assistance from the people there to support you.

You are capable of setting goals and deadlines

All of us have struggled at some point with deadlines. Whether it was a book report in high school, a project due at work, or an online article, we all have gotten a deadline and looked at the calendar wondering how we will ever get it done. I decided after about two weeks of having no real structure for my MPU article submissions that I needed to change my course of action because I could see it allowed me too much room for error. What was my goal? Well, I set a schedule for my writing process. My goal was to have my articles written and ready to submit for annotations no later than Wednesday that week. The remaining weekdays were then mine to start brainstorming and outlining articles for the following week.

The result of my goal was fantastic because it helped me stay on track and I never missed a deadline. It is a model that I plan to keep using regarding MoviePilot and it is something that has helped me in my every day life as well. We are capable of giving ourselves that personal responsibility and we can meet deadlines. We just need to hold ourselves accountable. Trust me, it does pay off.

I am a good writer

All of us struggle with thinking we are good writers. When I got the invitation for the program I remember thinking, "I can't possibly be good enough to even do this. Why did they select me?" The truth is, throughout the six-weeks I realized why I was chosen. I was because I am actually a good writer.

We may doubt our abilities and might always have a "half-full" mentality when it comes to certain things, but we should all learn to accept credit for what we are capable of creating. That doesn't mean I am walking around thinking I'm the best writer on the internet because I know I'm not, but I do have confidence in what I produce. I also know that I am better than I was when I began the program. My mentor did a great job helping me with basic mistakes, mainly with structure, and I feel that the guidance and constructive criticism I received has helped me as a writer.

Final thoughts?

I am happy that I pushed myself to complete MPU. Given the opportunity to do it again I would jump right back into the pond. I feel like the connections made throughout the six-weeks will stick and if you ever need feedback or any assistance, I will be able to call upon the support network I had for help. I'm not ashamed to do so anymore and it's a great feeling. I look forward to more opportunities to be had through MoviePilot and plan on being around for quite sometime.


Will you accept the challenge if you are invited to participate in MPU?


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