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Justice League Dark AKA Dark Universe is a favorite concept among DC fans and there were a lot of rumors and some official information regarding this movie and today Latino Review shared a hot rumor that reveals about the development of this movie.

Guillermo Del Toro, the man behind Hellboy 1 & 2, Pacific Rim and various high profile horror movies wrote the script for this movie and confirmed that his script for Justice League Dark exists within WB's DC Extended Universe alongside other movies like Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice, Justice League etc.

It has been reported by Tracking Report that he'll foresee the movie as it's producer and he may get the co-writer credit as well.

Previously we came to know (through Tracking Report) that Scott Rudin (one among the 12 individuals on this planet to hold Academy, Emmy, Grammy and Tony Awards) is the main producer on this film who has been hard at work to find the right talent(s) to develop this movie and today we have got some juicy news about the cast, so now let's discuss about the real deal!

Colin Farrell/Ewan McGregor for Constantine/Etrigan

It has been said Colin Farrell is WB's top choice for playing the detective who specializes in dark magic and occult arts, the John Constantine but at the same time Ewan McGregor was also approached for the part.

Nonetheless it was said that whoever doesn't end up getting the role of Constantine, will end up being cast as Jason Blood/Etrigan, a cursed and fire breathing hell beast fused to the mortal body of Jason Blood.

Ron Perlman for Swamp Thing

This badass actor who played Hellboy is the top choice to play the physical manifestation of the green nature (fauna/plants) known as Swamp Thing. I would say his menacing voice will be a good fit for Swamp Thing.

Monica Bellucci for Madam Xanadu

Beauty goddess Ms. Bellucci is their top choice to play the clairvoyant and tarot reading expert Madame Xanadu.

NOTE: She isn't a member of Justice League Dark, she's more of a supporting character who is fine with helping them when they are in need of her but she hates Constantine!


As of now the casting details for Deadman is unavailable but the plan for this character is to be the comic relief in the team considering how Deadman speaks in rhyming sentences in the comics, he's a ghost who can possess anyone's body.


Similarly there are no information on which actress is going to bag the role of this expert magician/wizard but WB are looking for Black/Hispanic actresses for this part.

Other Character Who Could Potentially Appear in This Movie.

Whatever that I am going to discuss now are not a part of Latino Review's report it's just my speculation.

Considering how DC/WB fills up their movies with supporting characters to expand the mythology and open the doors for potential future movies, I think these characters would have high chances of appearing in this movie consider how important they are, starting with....

Doctor Fate - The Supreme Sorcerer and Occultist

Spectre - The Omnipotent Embodiment of Vengeance

Phantom Stranger - An Immortal and Mysterious Guide/Observer

Enchantress - Dark Magic Witch

This one's a no brainer because Enchantress will appear in next year's Suicide Squad and she'll be the gateway that introduces the audience to DC's supernatural and magical realm leading up to this film!

She was also the sole reason for which Justice League Dark was formed in the comics, to stop her of course.

Wrapping Up

Justice League Dark as the name implies is the supernatural/magic version of Justice League comprised of these magic/supernatural based characters and the stories involving these characters has a very horror feel to it so expect a similar tone in the cinematic adaptation as well.

Trust me this movie is going to be a wet dream of every supernatural/horror movie lover and the rumored cast is just a genius choice!


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