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Zoom. The villain for Season 2 of the flash and is (probably) based on the character from the comics. The only differences between comic Zoom and TV Zoom are the costume, identity (its obviously not Hunter Zolomon) and flash era. (zoom fought Wally West and not Barry Allen in the comics). So, who is zoom? I have a pretty good theory and I'm also going to debunk some other theories as well.

(note: as I live in the UK I have not seen the 'enter Zoom' episode so, if I am wrong, don't blame me, blame my time zone)

Harrison Wells

some say Zoom is Earth 2's Reverse flash. I don't think so. I think that there is a reverse flash on earth 2 but as Barry isn't the flash, R.F wasn't found out and chased by Barry as the flash. Harrison Wells is R.F of Earth 2. Evidence for this is that on some occasions, we have seen earth 2 Harrison have red lightning around him...

Henry Allen

If my theory is correct, Henry is in prison still, as Harrison didn't confess. This also means that he didn't get hit by the particle Axelerator, meaning HE DIDN'T GET POWERS!!!

so... who IS Zoom?

must happen at STAR labs...
must happen at STAR labs...


No! Neve-...Yup
No! Neve-...Yup

Of course. O'l Barry. Think about it... They haven't mentioned Earth 2 Barry for a reason. Of course there's an earth 2 Barry. Atom Smasher, Prof Light and Wells have( or had...) earth 1 doubles. Zoom probably has an earth 1 counterpart. Like every TV show EVER, they will have a 'evil reflection' type thing. Spider-man had Doc Ock, Batman had Joker etc. They share the same costume! Zooms is darker and distorted but so was prof. zooms! What probably happened was that after Barry was hit lightning, he became evil, killed people etc, etc.

so... what do you think? Like it? hate it? don't care? have a better theory? leave your comments, theories and rants in the comments section below!


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