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There has been a trailer of Teen Wolf on October 9, 2015. The next trailer won't be in November, we have to wait till the last 2 weeks of December to get a Promo about 45 seconds of Episode 1 and 2. After the premiere we'll get a trailer of 2/3 minutes.

The trailer after the premiere will be of Episode 1 till 9. Wolf watch will also be back every 2 weeks. The first trailer of 2/3 Minutes will probably show on Wolf Watch. On the After After show we might get to see the promo's of next week's episode. Also, after the show ends you will be able to see that. Looks cool what they're trying to do. Wolf Watch will still have the runtime of 20+ Minutes. The After After Show will probably be a little longer with the runtime of 10-20 Minutes. Teen Wolf will give us 43 Minutes to watch.

In the premiere, we won't see Kira Yukimura (Arden Cho). It won't be a 2 Episode release. Theo won't cause trouble in the first episode. We'll also see Lydia in the water and we'll figure something out about the death of Theo's sister. We might finally get to see if Dr. Valack is good or bad. Deaton will be mentioned or seen. Scott will talk to Stiles and help Stiles. Scott and Stiles will keep Stilinski alive, but they don't know what's next. Scott was defeated on his lowest point. But this time they will have to face more than 2 villains.

In the second episode we'll finally see our Kira back with a cliffhanger. Liam and Theo will meet the beast.

Chris Argent, Deucalion and another Argent return in the first 5 Episodes.

Coach Bobby Finstock and more surprises will be in the last 5 Episodes.

Their will be 2 Lacrosse games, both against Devenford. Brett will be in 4 Episodes. Braeden and Malia will kick some ass.


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