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Just as unexpected as next year's Suicide Squad film is, so also is the dark, paranormal movie focusing on some of DC's darker and more mystical characters. Dark Universe, as it seems to be called, was written by Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth, Crimson Peak) and was at one point meant to be directed by the talented writer/director.

But alas, del Toro has since removed himself from the project, but it looks as though Warner Bros. and DC have not given up on the film. Rumor has it that the people up top are so impressed with the script that they are already looking at some big Hollywood actors to fill in the different roles.

Swamp Thing

Apparently, when Guillermo del Toro was still signed on to direct the film, he was looking to have Ron Perlman (Hellboy), who has acted in many of del Toro's films already, star in the role of Swamp Thing.

Ron Perlman as Swamp Thing?
Ron Perlman as Swamp Thing?

I think Perlman has the chops to pull the role off, even though I would have originally cast him as Etrigan the Demon, considering he's had similar experience starring as the lead character in Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy movies.

Madam Xandu

Next up is Monica Bellucci (Spectre) in the role of Madam Xandu

Monic Bellucci and Madam Xandu
Monic Bellucci and Madam Xandu

Constantine & Etrigan

Next up is the role of John Constantine, which could be played by one of two actors: Colin Farrell (Total Recall) or Ewan McGregor (The Impossible).

Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor up for Constantine
Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor up for Constantine

Rumor has it that Colin Farrell is the front-runner for the character, which is something I would agree with considering he sports the more "rugged bad-boy" vibe more so than McGregor.

But McGregor wouldn't be at a total loss for not getting the coveted character's part, as reports say that he would more than likely fall into the role of Jason Blood a.k.a. Etrigan the Demon.

Etrigan the Demon
Etrigan the Demon

Zatanna and Deadman

Zatanna (left) Deadman (right)
Zatanna (left) Deadman (right)

As far as the roles of Deadman and Zatanna go, no official casting or even rumored casting has been revealed, however, it's said that Warner Bros. is looking to cast a more comedic actor in the role of Deadman (probably a wise idea considering how dark this film could end up being).

As for Zatanna, they are supposedly looking to shake things up a bit and cast either a Hispanic or African American actress in the role. Personally, I like the idea of Zoe Kravitz playing the role of Zatanna.

She has a darkness to her look that can come off as threatening and I think she did a good job in X-Men: First Class as Angel Salvadore as well as doing a good job in Mad Max: Fury Road for the smaller part she had as Toast the Knowing. I also thought she was one of the better parts of the otherwise dull Divergent films.


Good to know that Dark Universe isn't completely outside of Warner Bros.' radar and that it still seems to be a priority. But also keep in mind that these are just rumors and nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

What do you guys think of these casting rumors? Who would you cast for your Justice League Dark heroes/anti-heroes? Feel free to comment in the section below and if you are curious as to how I've been feeling about the film, you can check out my fan-casting from a while back in the link below:

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