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Ronda Rousey may have gotten wrecked in the ring by Holly Holm's left foot this past weekend, but that doesn't mean she is done fighting. In fact, there's no way she's done fighting according to this statement she left on Instagram.

Essentially, she wanted us to know that she's okay, and assures us that it wasn't as bad as it may have looked. I did want to note, however, that she covered her face at the airport when paparazzi tried taking photos, saying that she was "ashamed" of how it looked.

In case you somehow missed it, here is the knockout from a few nights ago...

It really is quite sad, honestly. However, this IG post will alleviate any of her supporters' concerns. Check it out:

She deserves to take that "little" bit of time, and by no means does she need to jump right back in the ring to prove anything to any of us. She belongs in the ring because she's a fighter, but I think she can get back to it on her own terms. I hope to eventually see a rematch when both women are back at full strength.

I am pretty sure that it will be a primetime event.

Don't forget about this moment...

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