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Matthew Jarrett
...t contrary to your assertion, I made no assumptions as to how the car had been modified. While it is well documented how heavily modified the car was, what I stated was that the car was manufactured without the items that most tuners deactivate anyway. This is precisely WHY they buy cars like this; minimal gadgets between the driver and the driving experience. Yes, I know that many manufacturers lie and avoid any responsibility for building a faulty product (GM, for God's sake, spent billions to avoid replacing a pennies-per-car ignition switch detent plunger, costing many lives and finally resulting in a federally mandated recall of more than 9 million vehicles), and I feel greatly for your accident and injury. You're surely aware of the millions of vehicles under recall now for faulty airbags manufactered by Japanese supplier Takata (was your vehicle Takata-equipped? You may have a great deal of money coming.), but NOTHING Porsche did caused this tragedy. They built exactly the vehicle their enthusiasts wanted, and they built it to then-current safety specifications.

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