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You might remember actor Billy Zabka as the iconic '80s bully who tormented kids like Daniel in The Karate Kid and Terry in Just One of the Guys. He was blond, buff, and not the kind of guy whose bad side you'd want to be on.

But as it turns out, the real-life Billy Zabka couldn't be farther from the characters he's best known for playing.

These days you won't find Zabka sweeping the leg or picking on kids. Instead, he's using his Hollywood bullying fame to promote a strong anti-bullying stance. The Karate Kid star recently visited a Maryland dojo where he gave a heartfelt speech about bullying.

Based on his own experiences and work on Karate Kid, he gave these young karate kids some advice about understanding bullies, the effects of bullying, and that one moment of feeling down is representative of who you are as a person. Here are just a few of the noteworthy quotes.

"There's not just black and white, I mean, there's people who are dishing out what's given to them at home. Not to excuse their behavior, but that's where it needs to stop."

"Bullies can be backed down. It just needs all of us."

"In some of these bullies, one day, they could be your friend."

"If you guys have any trouble, or you feel like a victim, like you've been targeted and you feel less than who you really are, it's a moment."

It's always great to see when actors take real-life experience from their movies and use their fame as a platform for change. While it came in handy for Daniel San, you don't have to resort to a crane kick to get your bullies to leave you alone.

Check out Billy Zabka's full anti-bullying speech below.

(Source: Brandy Wagoner, YouTube)


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