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Since I saw The Interview, back on January 17th 2015, I wanted to se a potential sequel/spin-off of this film. This film is so funny and amazingly goofy...So what else could we want?

As a Youtuber, I want to create new stuff, and I already did have written, directed and edited my own short film, which is a parody of the first movie of the Saw horror franchise. I live in Quebec and normally speak french, so the film title Saw as been recall Décadence. So I called my parody Ploucadence.

Anyway, I won't talk about my short film any much longer. As what I was saying first, I would love to see a sequel or spin-off of the controversial movie The Interview (the logo/picture of this article is actually made by myself).

So I decided to think about my own ideas for this project, that I want to call ''The Interview 2: KFC Chronicles''. I know some of the person who are gonna read this article are gonna think that I probably have taken too much of illegal products, but I really don't...I am just very creative.

So there's are my ideas: Two Canadian Youtubers are contacted by the Majesty's Secret Service to go back in time to assassinate Colonel Sanders before he creates the KFC restaurant. And it would be only because somebody of the royal familly has been killed by an infected chicken wings and create a...Zombie apocalypse!

For now, this what I have imagined so far for a potential The Intertview sequel/spin-off film.

What do you think of my idea?


Would you love to see a The Interview sequel/spin-off film starring my story?


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