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As November 20th draws ever nearer, one starts to hear the woeful cries of Hunger Games fans as they longingly, yet mournfully, await the final chapter of their beloved franchise. The last four years have brought us three action-packed, unforgettable dystopian blockbusters, making the Hunger Games franchise one of cinematic history's most successful film sagas. With the final installment in the battle for Panem quickly approaching, the hype remains as strong as ever, and fans cannot help but reminisce through the journey that has finally brought the attack to the Capitol itself.

1. I Volunteer

The decision that started it all. Who can forget the moment when Katniss sacrifices herself for the sake of her little innocent sister, Prim? The moment has been immortalized forever in pop culture with memes, GIFs, the whole works. I mean, who wouldn't want to volunteer with Peeta at their side?

2. The Tables Turn

The moment the Capitol learned not to mess with Katniss Everdeen. Too busy being uptight jerks to pay attention to someone you're basically about to kill off for the sake of your own sick entertainment? You should expect a nice arrow through your dinner, then. Never underestimate the capabilities of an underdog.

3. The Fateful Kiss

This might be one of the most heartbreaking moments in all of the Hunger Games films. As the whole of Panem watches a romantic, tender kiss between two doomed Tributes... one lone boy stands in the back of the crowd as his heart breaks. Watching the love of his life fall for another, Gale's pain can be felt by everyone in the audience. It's okay, Gale. You're still beautiful to me.

4. The Moment That Started It All

It will never cease to amaze me how a handful of innocent-looking berries broke an entire previously-unchallenged government's system. If anything, Katniss should be considered the Nightlock (berry) rather than the Mockingjay. Even at this point, knowing she would likely die, Katniss refused to allow the Capitol the last word.

5. She's Expecting

The whopping shocker of the century. If you had read the books, you were probably completely unfazed by this shocking announcement—but put yourself in Panem's shoes. They're two-time champions and expecting parents? Worse yet, think about how Gale must have felt during that supposedly "good" news. There is a massive government rebellion destroying everything you have ever known and loved, now the love of your life is about to have a child with another man. Tough luck, dude.

6. The Girl on Fire

While all of Cinna's gowns had every girl in the audience drooling, Katniss' original Capitol interview dress takes top prize. The dress doubles as the perfect prom get-up as well as a firework, and laser light show. With a firecracker personality and a red-hot wardrobe, it's no wonder Panem can't keep their eyes off the Girl on Fire.

7. The Perfect Burn

This is probably the moment where Katniss' unfettered public rebellion against the Capitol first began. If you don't recall, Seneca Crane was the Gamekeeper in the original Hunger Games film. He claimed two victors for the 74th annual Hunger Games when he realized Peeta and Katniss were about to cheat the system by killing themselves simultaneously. This never sat well with President Snow, who condemned Crane to an ironic death by Nightlock berry himself. Katniss' lynch dummy acts as the perfect symbol of the Capitol's hypocrisy—mercilessness, and deceitful.

8. The Age of the Mockingjay

Before this moment, Panem and the Capitol (generally) attempted to live in blissful ignorance of the violence and oppression that truly surrounded them. Katniss, however, decided to end that trend by quite literally shattering the illusion the Capitol had placed in front of Panem. With a single arrow to a kink in the force field, Katniss showed the citizens the true colors of the Capitol.

9. Katniss' Rallying Cry

As a fanbase, I think we can all agree that this scene was a heart-wrenching, but pivotal moment on Katniss' journey. She started as just a girl, but now she is a warrior, and her three-fingered salute rallies everyone to the cause of the Mockingjay.

If we burn, you burn with us!

10. The Hanging Tree

Although Jennifer Lawrence dreaded singing on screen, Katniss' rendition of the eerie 'Hanging Tree' tune sends chills up the spine. While mixed interpretations have circulated around the Internet, the song's essence welcomes death.

Seeing Katniss develop throughout the saga, it's obvious she had the responsibility of being the Mockingjay thrust upon her, leaving her to often wish of escaping her fate. Who can blame her mournful cry for the Hanging Tree?

The wait for the final moments of the Rebellion has ended. After years of suffering under the oppressive rule of President Snow, the final battle between the Capitol and the Districts will commence in earnest.

Will you stand by the Mockingjay and set fire to Panem this weekend?


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