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Daryl Dixon is the most beloved character on The Walking Dead. There is something about him that draws a lot of people to his story. My favorite character was Merle Dixon, but I have huge love in my heart for his little brother.

So let me talk about where I see this character in the near future.

In the episode "Always Accountable" I thought that Daryl would be captured by Negan's group. That the people he was helping would turn him over. That we would see him next in the mid-season or season finale. That the showrunners would hurt us with worrying about two characters.

Even though he made it out of that episode free, there is still a chance he could be captured. I won't let myself hope too much that he will remain a free man. This show has taught me to be wary with hope.

In the comics, Negan kills Glenn. Daryl doesn't exist in the comics. So what if he gets involved with trying to save Glenn in the tv show?

Going by me thinking Kirkman hates happiness, Glenn will still die but Daryl will attempt to save him. Darryl is a kind man with a hard exterior and so I can see him trying to save one of his teammates.

Now please don't hurt me with this next suggestion: what if the show ups the ante by killing both Glenn and Daryl?

So in this scenario Negan kills Daryl and Glenn. Leaving us with one killer of a season finale. pun probably crossed a line or two...

So what do you see in the near future for Daryl? I would love to hear your thoughts. Season 6 continues Sundays on AMC.

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