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Today I got to see Steve Jobs at the cinema (which I guess if there wasn't a movie coming out called that it would sound really strange) after only just being released in the UK and I was excited to see it after mostly positive reviews coming out of the US and the fact that I love all the talent involved. Steve Jobs centers on the backstage drama of three major product launches that Jobs was involved in (Apple Macintosh, NeXTcube and the Apple iMac); the film deals with issues from his upbringing to raising his own child who he doesn't believe is his and issues with the launches themselves. Steve Jobs is directed by Danny Boyle and stars Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, Katherine Waterston, Jeff Daniels, Michael Stuhlbarg and Makenzie Moss.

There are many positives to this film which include: fantastic performances, excellent direction, inventive screenwriting, great plot, excellent tone, a very well sustained sense of tension, brilliant plot progression and flow. To expand, every performance in this film is excellent especially Michael Fassbender, Kate WInslet and Jeff Daniels (he was extremely memorable in one specific scene); Seth Rogen was surprisingly good as well, not to the level of the leads but still solid and I will be excited if Rogen gets announced in another drama. One of the stand-out things I took from the film was the superb direction, it didn't have Boyle's normal quirks but there were many artistic choices that were taken that I loved especially the change in quality of film as the years progressed and how the flashbacks merged with the rest of the film. With the drama this film had to ensue to make it to the big screen, both studios that had the script must have been impressed with it and now it is here I can say it was well worth it. The screenplay is very clever in the way it covers all of its information in a smooth fashion while keeping to its premise of the three act structure, it takes a genius to make a full script of well-written and interesting arguments. It does a very good job of filling in the gaps between the product launches so I knew enough which meant I wasn't totally clueless but not so much that there wasn't anything left to reveal. The plot of this film is really interesting and intriguing as it went deeper into how Jobs worked and other struggles he had to deal with. I thought the tone of this film was perfect, it was very serious and realistic with its subject matter but it had witty dialogue which stopped it from feeling crushing. The film kept me captivated and on the edge of my seat for the entire run time and it did this by building tension exceptionally and getting me invested in the characters and the plot. Even though the film had the format of three different times and three different product launches, the movie still managed to flow effortlessly and it never felt like three shorts.

I had a couple minor problems with the film as well which include: Wozniak's role in the second act, a tonal shift in one scene in the third act and Kate Winslet's accent. Wozniak in the second act didn't seem to fit so well and seemed to be there for the sake of being there, there was nothing bad about it but it felt a bit out of place. The only role it seemed to play was a bit of a respite from the heated arguments so bit of exposition could be given. After a tense finale in the second act the third act begins with a bit of a tonal shift as it became quite humorous which took me out for a second but ended one of my favourite scenes in the film. My only other negative is Kate Winslet's accent which, for me at least, was excellent but I felt in the first act it was barely there so when the second act rolled around it took me by surprise a bit.

Overall this is my film of the year so far (discounting Birdman as I think of that as a 2014 film even though I saw it in early January) I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this film and I am definitely recommending it to anyone who can see it as I am already planning my next viewing. So taking everything I have said into consideration I rate this film:



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