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If you missed Charlie Sheen's Today interview, he essentially tried to shore up a few PR fires of sorts that have recently been popping up around his health and the fact that he may or may not have disclosed his status as HIV-positive prior to sleeping with some women in the industry.

He claimed that he revealed this status to all women, but one in particular is not going to let those words linger unchallenged. In fact, former porn star and ex-"goddess" of Charlie's had the following words to say on the Howard Stern radio show.

“‘I’m clean,’ he told me. ‘I’m clean. I’m clean,’” said Olson, one of Sheen’s “goddesses.” “He never said anything, ever.”

She also said she learned about everything at the same time as the rest of us. Her words:

"Three days ago I started getting calls. … Fox and a whole bunch of other people started getting at me in emails. Even I wanted to blow it off: ‘Oh, this is just another Charlie thing. I don’t even believe this.’”

She also was then referring to the fact that Sheen said he disclosed this information to everyone he slept with when she went ahead and called a Spade a Spade.

She simply said, "it's bullshit."

She had these strong words to say for Sheen's (alleged) victims, of which she includes herself as an unwitting member of sexual intercourse with an HIV-positive Sheen.

“Just because I’m a former sex worker, I’m a human being, I have a family, I have a future. I’m doing so many positive things now and to think that you could have taken that away from me, that you knowingly were doing that. He doesn’t even value my life. Luckily, there’s enough medications and stuff now that people with HIV, they can lead a full life. But if someone goes without knowing — and there’s plenty of girls, I’m sure, that he’s had in his life where they don’t go get tested regularly like I do with the types of lives that they lead — and it turns into AIDS, it becomes a whole different ballgame.”

Olson urges that she isn't saying this just to tear down Sheen...

“I have spoken nothing but positive things about Charlie. I have never said a negative thing. I have never torn him apart in any way, but I am so upset. I couldn’t be more angry. I’m shaking. I have been crying. To think that someone could do that to me.”

And to those of you who think she's not reputable and could be lying, she makes some fair and decent points...

“I never went and sold any of my stories. He’s an ex-boyfriend. Of course I have stories. If he wants to come up with an argument of, ‘Oh I didn’t tell her because I was worried about this or that.’ Bullshit. I had proved my loyalty for years. … There was no girl that he could’ve trusted in more than me when it came to keeping my mouth shut.”

Here was a bit from Charlie Sheen's open letter about the situation that attempts to help clear his name.

“I dazedly chose (or hired) the companionship of unsavory and insipid types. Regardless of their salt-less reputations, I always lead with condoms and honesty when it came to my condition.”

Olson doubled down later in a conversation with Inside Edition:

“He could have killed me. He cared nothing for my life. He’s a monster. And he put my life in jeopardy, along with hundreds, or potentially thousands, of other women’s lives.”

This is clearly one of those times when it can be difficult to really pick a side, but I think this needs a proper investigation, if we're being completely honest.

I'm sure the right people will look into this and figure it out.

(Via: Buzzfeed)


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