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just yesterday i made an article called "Will Negan show up at the mid season finale of The Walking Dead season 6?" Once Negan shows up on the show, who will he kill if it's not Glenn? We all know that it's Glenn he kills first out of the group with Lucille. But, the walking dead is known for switching out big character deaths with other characters out of no where so i have made a list of walking dead characters that could die at the hands of Lucille instead of Glenn


It may not happen to him but it could definitely happen. Aaron could be the one to be picked in Lucille's reign of terror. That could be the reason for all of the camera time Aaron's been getting lately. Take a look at some of the recent character deaths on the walking dead. Beth's death occurred immediately after she had her own three episodes. So that is why i think Aaron could be Killed by Negan's Lucille.


What a better way to shock everybody than killing Morgan with Lucille? I know that he dies in the comics when he is bitten by a walker. After bringing him back from a near three season absence, nobody would see it coming. That is why it is extremely possible.


Who do you think will be killed by Negan?

If you choose another character let me know in the comments. I hope you enjoyed this article give my page a follow for more like this one.


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