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There has been a lot of news surrounding DC as they are to get their cinematic universe underway. It was reported earlier that Ewan McGregor was on DC’s radar to play Constantine in their upcoming Justice League Dark film. It appears that DC may have switched gears a bit, or at least keeping their options. According to DC is now eyeing Colin Farrell to play Constantine, the leader of the dark heroes.

Constantine was made one of my favorites after watching Matt Ryan’s portrayal of Constantine of the former NBC show of the same name. Ryan’s Constantine was a bit different from Keanu Reeves version. He was funny, snarky, slick, messy, and a joy to watch. It was refreshing to see him cameo on Arrow hopefully we get to see more of him, (c'mon Netflix).

Anywho, Farrell as Constabtine doesn't seem too bad, though McGregor appeals to me much more than the former. Hopefully we get a director soon because this is something I personally would love to see. What do you think? Does this news get you excited? Like, share, make me popular. Thanks.


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