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Avid comics and video game enthusiast and aspiring creator of wonderful things.
Matt Walz

Last March, I decided I needed somewhere to write consistently. I'd been at the Missouri School of Journalism, the top program in the nation, for nearly a year, and I wanted to actually start writing. I was excited and ready to go! But where could I do that? I didn't know anywhere that would hire a freshman to write professionally, and I didn't want to start a blog that no one would see.

I'd been following Moviepilot on Facebook for quite some time, reading their articles, engaging in debates, just enjoying it in general. I finally noticed the "Start Writing" button in the top corner, and figured I'd click on it, see what happened. A few minutes later, I was in and writing.

I wrote two articles on comics and movies: the first was my contribution to the "Peter or Miles" debate in the MCU, the second was my hopeful article about a live action West Coast Avengers. Finally, I dipped my toe into a subject I knew well. I detailed exactly how Marvel could really make a comeback in video games. I've been a gamer most of my life, and apparently it showed. In what ended up being my breakout article, I garnered over 13,000 reads, something that blew my mind at the time. I was hooked. Since then, I've written on everything from Fallout to Star Wars to Red vs. Blue. I've even written a couple more serious pieces about the role of journalists and how Moviepilot contributes to it.

Moviepilot has allowed my to reach audiences in a way I never could have on my own. It's helped me put together a hell of a portfolio, and I've even got some free stuff along the way, like video games and graphic novels. I can get thoughts, opinions, fictional stories, and factual news out there to a huge, enthusiastic audience. It always makes me come back for more.


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