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Ralph Linardic

Hello film nerds! “Creed” stars Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, and Tessa Thompson. Boxing movies generally have a lot of the same plot points, and this one is no different. Before I give my thoughts on this film, I would just like to mention that I saw this at a very early screening. This is important because seeing a film with no official reviews lets you form a opinion much easier. Now, we all know and love Rocky movies. They are inspirational, and a huge part of the 80′s. Creed was a success for me because it followed the traditional boxing movie formula well. Yes, it was cliche at times but overall it was enjoyable. Michael B Jordan was a great lead/Rocky character. He had the acting chops, the look, and the heart. It’s not easy to pull off heavy, emotional scenes, and he did with ease. The chemistry between Jordan and Tessa Thompson was very good as well. I totally believed their chemistry and all the love scenes. Now, the character you have all been waiting for. Rocky fricking Balboa. He is an American hero and beloved by all. How is he in this film? Great. As usual Rocky is so damn lovable and gives great advice to all. Stallone added humor to the character which I did not expect. I loved it though! The story of this film is fine. It’s a typical boxing movie plot, which is good, but could have been better. Ryan Coogler, the director, really did a great job. I liked his overall direction and style for the movie. Same style as his previous film, “Fruitvale Station” which was fantastic. As for negatives, the story was fine, but nothing special. I feel Coogler could have gone deeper into Creed’s backstory and his relationship with his mother. Also, some scenes dragged on way too long and felt very unnecessary to the story. I did like this film and you should see it in a theater near you.


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