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Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now only a month away unless you haven't bought your tickets yet, which means you will be waiting a few extra days to get into the theater. Sorry to break it to you! Two days ago, I wrote an article: Uh-Oh! Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens is Being HIDDEN from Critics, in which I discussed how I worried I am that Disney does not want to screen Star Wars to the press until the movie comes out. This following news is making me feel a lot better.

AFI Postponed their Award Ceremony for Star Wars

Yes, you heard me right. The power of the force has moved a whole award announcement just so it could be considered. Disney said they wanted to skip out on these awards because they didn't need the recognition and they wanted to avoid leaks. Now it looks like The Force Awakens is going to be so good that they are moving back the award ceremony just because of this one movie.

The AFI had previously set December 7, 2015, as the date for its annual award announcement. However, on Tuesday it said was postponing the announcement for more than a week to December 16! Here's what they said:

“ (We changed the date) to ensure the jury has the proper opportunity to screen the unusual amount of late releases this year.”

You could say that there are a lot of other December movies to consider, but the word that I'm hearing is leaning towards Star Wars. Also, is it a coincidence that Disney announced that they are not screening the movie to the press, only days before? If The Force Awakens is the main cause of why it was moved, this movie has to be a great Star Wars movie and a great movie, in general. Knock on wood, it has to be better than the prequels, and we have heard only the best news and buzz about Episode 7. We are just waiting for the day of its release.

Does this news increase YOUR hope for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to be a great movie? Tell me below!


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