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Kate Hudson new company Fabletics and its parent company JustFab are seemingly less than perfect. There have been many bad reviews and customer complains about not only the business practices of JustFab but also the new athletic wear company connected with it called Fabletics. There are reports of more than 1,400 complaints against the company filed with the Better Business Bureau for unwanted subscriptions. A lot of the complaints are regarding the very confusing and unclear policies the company has. People are accidentally joining the VIP club during the processing of their purchase, this charges them monthly unless they opt out by the 5th of the month. The website is also hard to navigate, making it challenging to opt out of the month. There are countless complaints regarding poor customer service when they call in to complain about being a charge that they weren't expecting on their credit card.

People are unable to get refunded, but worse they are having a hard time cancelling this unintended membership to avoid future charges. The comments range from "they have nice clothing" to "I got stuck with terrible outfits", people are even commenting about how they are disappointed with Kate Hudson. Personally even if she knows about some of the more shady practices they have I still think that she is a great actress. Not every review of this company is terrible, some people are commenting that they love the quality of the clothing and find it handy to have the monthly charge (which is taken from your credit card and than placed on your JustFab/Fabletics account as a credit) which allows them to purchase items when they want them or as gifts when they don't have the money to pay for it out of pocket. Some people are saying that there was no warning that they would be taking charges out of their account, which I do find hard to believe as I am pretty sure that that is illegal. I think overall I would be annoyed to have these charges come out, though I am a member of JustFab and have had no issues with their customer support so far, I do personally have issues with their shoes (so beautiful but way too narrow).

There seems to be nothing in the way of a comment on this issue from Kate Hudson, who is the face of the company, it is possible that she and her team are awaiting the results of an apparent investigation going on into the allegations. One of the comments against the company complain that they don't advertise the details of the VIP membership properly and that even is they do put the specifications into the terms of service that you have to agree to before you sign up for everything, they should do more because "no one reads that stuff before buying things online". I'm sorry but anytime you don't read the terms and conditions you only have yourself to blame, though it would be more moral if they were, how many companies are actually concerned with that.

In the long run it is important to always check the terms and conditions of anything before you agree to it, otherwise you could be selling your soul for all you know and maybe look into some of the reviews regarding a company and its practices before you become a member so that you have a better idea of what you are getting yourself into. It is hard to say yet if this company is a scam or just needs to workout some of the kinks of a new company, if your are interested there is an article of the huffington post that discusses this issue so you can decide your stance for yourself.


Are you a member of JustFab or Kate Hudsons Fabletics?


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