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I've got a bad feeling on this one...

Your office's lack of hard drive space disturbs me
Your office's lack of hard drive space disturbs me

It wasn't quite the roar of excitement Disney expected after giving exclusive Star Wars game production rights to Electronic Arts (EA) back in 2013 and with the recent release of the long awaited [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021) reboot being underwhelming as an understatement those weary cheers may have been very well warranted. For those unfamiliar with EA's standing in the gaming industry and community as a whole, they are one of the top two largest gaming corporations in the industry alongside Activision, the developers of Call of Duty with whom their biannual Battlefield releases repeatedly compete along with, as is planned, their new Star Wars Battlefront series.

However, EA has received a large amount of much deserved criticism, going so far as to have them elected as the most loathed company in the world by consumers 3 times in a row. Their game launches are often plagued by waves of game breaking bugs and poor multiplayer connection issues, strange for a company that focuses so much of its development process specifically on multiplayer components. The new Battlefront appears to be no different, it was extremely difficult in my short experience with the game to make it through even a few seconds of a single match without the game freezing up or lagging and their highly bemoaned decision to entirely eliminate any form of campaign along with many of the hallmarks of the beloved series didn't help much either.

We've heard stories - are they true..? Nope.

Firing the iNon-Cannon
Firing the iNon-Cannon

It seems incredibly perplexing that for a film series featuring one of the most classic stories and expansive lore of any entertainment piece in general that EA would specifically remove any story related content for their first major release in their Star Wars series. You'd think they'd want to start that massive of an undertaking off with an exciting cinematic thud instead of a clunky, lag-ridden thud, however, this decision does seem to reflect one of the worst trends in the modern gaming industry.

While the sole purpose of gaming consoles it to essentially be able to play high definition and speed single player experiences on a large television without having to purchase a high end PC system able to process them without constantly crashing. The second reason, which is the only redeeming quality of the new Battlefront is to be able to play in-home couch co-op and versus multiplayer with real human beings instead of having to irritatingly attempt to comprehend what your friends are saying over a garbled mic and screaming kids until it lags out and everyone just gives up and plays single player.

The most recent turn the gaming industry has taken almost absolutely erases any need for one of their largest demographics, console gamers, because without split screen story mode gaming a PC can run almost anything a console can far faster with much better definition. The fact that, while couch co-op has started and carried the console gaming experience for decades, they for some reason now believe that they need to focus all of their efforts on multiplayer performances that almost always fail on those platforms far past the games' initial launch dates.

All too easy...

Come to the Gnar Side of the Schwartz
Come to the Gnar Side of the Schwartz

Not only does the absence of a campaign feel utterly unnecessary, as it did nearly nothing to improve the quality of multiplayer connections, it simply feels lazy which is extremely insulting not only to the consumers but to the designers themselves who worked so hard to make the game look fantastic with next to no substance other than the pretty colors they put so many long hours of work into. The fault for the most part is not with the level designers, nor coders or graphical engineers but with the corporate CEOs of one of the most hated, yet profitable companies on Earth who never seem to care enough to put any effort into pleasing fans of the series they are constantly acquiring and altering to serve their mundane business model.

They seem to believe that as long as they buy excellent companies with great fan bases and extremely popular franchises with brand recognition they'll have to put almost no effort into their production other than reskinning, rebranding and pushing them onto the shelves, with the exception of BioWare which was fantastic before their consolidation with EA. They even turned plants vs. zombies, a strange iPhone game into a mindless multiplayer shooter, albeit a slightly more colorful and inventive one as the original developers had quite a bit of control over the process. It seems that EA may only alter their currently carefree demeanor when pumping out the same thing year after year alongside Call of Duty 16 or whichever it is by now until the consumer stops only voicing their disapproval but acting on it by hitting them where it hurts, their wallets.


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