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Tyler Ourada

Star Wars Battlefront 2, is one of my all time favorite games of all time ever. But the new Star Wars Battlefront, fails to live up to what once was. While it's not a terrible game, Star Wars Battlefront, is missing a lot. First, most of the really good play modes, and maps (you know the stuff we saw in the trailers, that made us so hyped for this game) are ONLY for multiplayer. Second they only have 6 of the main Star Wars characters to play as, 3 heroes, and 3 villains, and only 3 of those characters are actually worth playing as: Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Boba Fett (who oddly enough is actually the most fun to play as, because he has a jet pack). The game has no space battles (which were a huge part of Battlefront 2, and really help to make it feel like Star Wars) instead you just ride the ships in the skies of the planet. And the game only covers stuff from the original trilogy, sure the prequels were bad movies, but that doesn't mean you should just drop half of the star wars universe from your game. Star Wars battlefront also has no single player campaign, now I'm not say all games need a single player campaign, oh wait, YES I AM SAYING THAT! Without some sort of story to the game, it gets boring really fast. Star Wars Battlefront feels more like a Call of Duty, that takes place in the Star Wars universe (except that Call of Duty actually has a story). Star Wars Battlefront is like the purgatory of games.

Star Wars Battlefront, is worth a rent, but NOT worth $60 at all. If your like some gamers, and you're having a hard time choosing between Star Wars Battlefront, and Fallout 4, PICK FALLOUT 4!!!!!!!!!


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