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I just want to go on the record by saying a hate the first Hot Tub Time Machine. While I do find parts of it funny in its crudeness and I do feel the majority of the characters redeem themselves by the end of the film, I still can't see why people find it one of the funniest movies of the year that it came out. I could not stand three of the characters who I thought were just plain dicks and I just couldn't care about their problems. But when actual fans of the first film found the sequel unfunny and terrible, I had to see it for myself. As much as I can't stand the first film, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is atrocious!

One of the problems is that John Cusack is not in the film (save for the last scene which absolutely makes no sense). He may have been one of the characters I didn't like in the first film, but he was the main character and he did redeem himself by the end. The biggest mistake of the sequel is revolving the main story around the one character out of the four originals I hated to the core! While I have no problem with the actor (Rob Corddry), I could not stand the character. The first film's ending felt like a big kick to the nuts when the character I hated the most ended up successful by stealing present ideas and "inventing" them in the past! Anyway, he's successful and even more of a douche in the sequel. It's no wonder someone tries to assassinate him! But the entire film relies on the audience to actually care about this dick (whose dick ironically was shot by the assassin), because the entire film revolves on trying to figure out who shot Rob Corddry's character and try to prevent it from ever happening. I could not care less than I already had going into this film. If I cannot at least sympathize with the main character in some way, it's very difficult to continue watching the film.

Well, maybe the humor can redeem it. Nope, its too crude for my taste and too ridiculous. Most of the humor is so bizarre it seemed like an alien creature that knew nothing about humans wrote this script and was somehow translated to English. Every time the film actually has a chance to have some humorous social commentary about the possible future or where today's culture might be heading, it instead opts to have the crudest most bizarrely random thing happen. Some of the possible "social commentary" is just too unrealistic to be either considered funny or satirical.

Upon my first viewing, I even discovered a poorly edited scene! I had to go back several times to make sure I wasn't seeing things or just had a bad copy. In the scene where the kid (Clark Duke) is explaining the assassin is the future and why they were sent into the future rather than the past, Craig Robinson and Corddry are sitting comfortable on the couch. There are three points in the scene where either Corddry or Robinson stand up of the couch only for them to be sitting back down in the next cut to them. Three times during the same scene I discovered this! On my first viewing when I just pay more attention to story and characters! No movie released in theaters should have a scene that sloppily edited!

In the end, a half a star is still a little too much for the film, but I can only do halves and whole stars on this site. There were a few one liners that made me laugh, most of them from the scene where they made fun of the way their future selves looked.


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